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Grade 6: Discovering Your Voice (poetry PBL)
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Grade 6: Discovering Your Voice (poetry PBL)


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Grade Level Grade 6
Resource Type Project Based Learning

About This Lesson

Have you ever been fascinated by a historical figure who contributed to drastic historical events? Maybe you’ve been fascinated by a leading female who brought change to her society, or a leading male who brought destruction to the world; or are you fascinated by a child who saved the world? Whatever it is, this is your chance to explore your fascination and creativity through poetry.

In this task, students research and write a biographical poem, accompanied by original artwork that complements the poem's theme. This poem, which will be performed in class, must use language effectively to convey meaning and capture the attention of your audience. The focus of the piece will be mystery and intrigue. Adding illustrations that vividly support the topic and/or theme is also required. This can be colorful or black and white.



Gr6 Poetry Assignment Title.pdf

Project Based Learning
April 9, 2024
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