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Grade 9: Persuasion: "What if…we acknowledge our impact?”
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Grade 9: Persuasion: "What if…we acknowledge our impact?”


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Grade Level Grade 9
Resource Type Project Based Learning

About This Lesson

In this transformative 9-week project titled "What if…we acknowledge our impact?” learners embark on a project/problem-based learning journey to address pressing global issues inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Kicking off in week one, students form collaborative teams, drafting accountability agreements for their weekly progress reports. Week two sees students crafting open-ended driving questions, subsequently refined in check-ins with teachers. Weeks three to five delve into research and project proposal development, emphasizing meticulous research practices and proposal clarity. The heart of the project lies in weeks four to five, where students explore persuasive techniques through diverse media, selecting two to three for their projects. Weeks six to eight are dedicated to iterative project development, with students submitting drafts for feedback in three check-ins with their coaches. The culmination in week nine features a project showcase, including presentations with peer practice sessions. Coaches employ rubrics for assessment all throughout the project, evaluating visual and written components. Students will also submit an individual reflective analysis of their project experience. This project not only equips students with research, collaboration, and presentation skills but also instills a sense of purpose by addressing real-world challenges through persuasive advocacy 



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Project Based Learning
April 2, 2024
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