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Gratitude Letters/Printable Worksheet/SEL
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Gratitude Letters/Printable Worksheet/SEL


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About This Lesson

Are you looking to practice gratitude with your students? Use this activity to help students express gratitude to someone they love by writing a gratitude letter! 

Using this printable worksheet and supplemental activity, have students think about a person they're grateful for and why. This could be a family member, mentor, friend, etc. Then, students will write a gratitude letter to this person, letting them know how they have positively impacted their life. After writing the letter, have students schedule a time to deliver it and read it to the person! 

While this is a great activity to do with students, gratitude letter writing is for EVERYONE. If you're an educator, administrator, parent, family member, or friend, you can also use this activity and worksheet! 

Here's what you'll get:

* Printable worksheet 

* Guidance on implementing gratitude in the classroom

* Access to Gratitude Letter Writing lesson plans and a unit study

Why you'll love this activity:

*Expressing gratitude through letter writing has a tremendous impact on our wellbeing and relationships - for both the writer and the recipient

* The activity is easy to read and implement.

* You can use this resource as a standalone activity or as part of a comprehensive, science-based unit study.

* The associated free unit study for Gratitude Letter Writing comes with IEP and BIP recommendations tailored specifically to students with autism

Ways to Use

  • Incorporate into SEL curriculum
  • Integrate into small groups and/or individual counseling sessions
  • Families can use this at home, too!

What is Gratitude Letter Writing? 

Gratitude is often thought of as thankfulness, appreciation, or a sense of wonder. By intentionally practicing skills like Gratitude Letter Writing, we can all learn to experience, enhance, and express more gratitude.

A Gratitude Letter is more than a thank-you note. It's a formal letter that you write to someone who has had a profound impact on your life and whom you have not yet properly thanked. This could be a family member, mentor, student, friend, or colleague. 

Reflect on the people who have helped shape your life — people who have taken the time to share their strengths with you, guide you, or help you in a meaningful way. Now, write a letter that thoroughly expresses your gratitude — describe, in detail, what their role in your life has meant to you. Once you have written your Gratitude Letter, schedule a time to hand deliver or read the letter to them if possible. Something remarkable happens when gratitude letters are shared in person.

Science of Gratitude

The science is clear — pausing, reflecting, and writing gratitude letters can positively benefit both the writer and the recipient. Recalling past experiences through the lens of gratitude enhances positive affect, writing about them enables the mind to broaden and build, and taking the time to deliver and read gratitude letters to the recipient boosts both parties' wellbeing and has a positive impact on the relationship. Believe it or not, this positive intervention can impact your wellbeing for weeks or even months.

People who engage in the practice of writing gratitude letters are more likely to experience:

  • Increased happiness
  • Boosted immune system
  • Increased positive affect
  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Enhanced gratitude
  • Stronger relationships

Looking for more gratitude resources? 

* Explore the free Gratitude Letter Writing Unit Study, which includes teaching slides, additional worksheets and activities, and even IEP and BIP recommendations tailored specifically to students with autism. 

Proof Positive's resources are and will always be free. Be well!

Bonus access to full lesson plans and unit studies on the skills of happiness at our Skill Center




June 3, 2024
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