Gravity and Space review PowerPoint

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Gravity and Space review PowerPoint

<p>review guide about gravity and space. Describes main concepts of gravity; weight and mass and emphasizes the differences for each. Also describes gravity in space.</p>

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July 2016
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January 2016
December 2013
This resource is very helpful for students, however, a few revisions need to be made. On slide 10, the arrows need to be replaced with increases and decreases. Also, a few graphics on the slides overlap. Great thoughts in this presentation.
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February 2011
Should not the up and down arrows on the slide entitled &quot;Orbits&quot; be the other way around? As i read it, that slide as it stands implies that the further away from the sun a planet is, the faster its orbital speed, and the quicker it completes it
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November 2010
I agree with samuddin, it would be better to replace those arrows with increases and decreases or the other way round as I do not have the slide on my screen at the moment and have got to dash ...
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October 2008
Lots of useful stuff. Check the arrows on the slide for planet speed and orbit time vs distance from sun. Or am I all wrong?!
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October 2008
Will definately be using this when revising this topic.