The Great Barrier Reef - Google Street View

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The Great Barrier Reef - Google Street View

The partnership between Google and the Catlin Seaview Survey will be taking thousands of 360 degree panoramas of the Great Barrier Reef, not just for science, but so that every person with an internet connection can experience the world's largest least virtually, and will bring th More…ese images into Google Maps, Google Earth, Panoramio and, of course, YouTube.

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March 2014
Informative and very high interest videos. Great to introduce a topic or for use in a flipped classroom
February 2014
Informative video to support a unit on the barrier
February 2014
This is video to inform students about the new technology being used to view the Great Barrier Reef. I would have liked to see a table of contents at the end like usual. If you are interested in this topic, it might be best to watch this video to introduce it to the students but there are more current resources available for this content. For example, Google has the images uploaded online.