Guide for helpers hearing children read in school.

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Guide for helpers hearing children read in school.

This is a sheet I give to any parent who volunteers to hear children read in school.


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July 2016
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January 2016
May 2012
I enjoyed reading the tips for the "More Able Child." A lot of the tips would be helpful to me. However, I suggested amending because it had a few spelling errors and I am confused as to who these tips are for (they kept saying refer to the child's teacher so obviously this is for someone other than the teacher). Maybe a brief introduction at the top of the page would be helpful. Also, what is an oxford reading card? I didn't understand the Less Able Children tips clearly
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October 2007
Many thanks, was just about to do one, you have saved me loads of time, useful tips!
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January 2007
What a great idea! I will be giving this to my parent helpers, my LSA and use it for guidance myself! Thanks