Hanukkah Posters

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Double mounted effect Hanukkah posters. For more Hanukkah resources, please just follow the 'WEB' link to Primary Treasure Chest.<br/>Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-OR, ECE-OR-sp, ECE-OR-ex, ECE-SO, ECE-SO-ho

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November 2015
BE AWARE: The menorah shown in the picture in this set is NOT the one used for Chanukah. The menorah shown is a 7-branched one which is symbolic of the one which was used in the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. Chanukah menorahs ALWAYS have nine branches: eight branches for the eight candles, and a ninth for what is called the &quot;shamash,&quot; the candle used to light the other eight. Also not sure why a kippah is shown as associated with Chanukah specifically. Jewish men wear a kippah every day of the year.
February 2014
Nice picture cards of Haukkah key terms, website has useful resources and information.
November 2013
Nice visual of Hanukkah for teaching unit on religions.