Harvey Milk Lesson Plan

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This age-appropriate lesson plan explores the life and legacy of Harvey Milk – San Francisco City Supervisor and the first nationally recognized gay man to be elected to public office. Harvey succeeded in winning his election (on his 4th try) through a combination of support from labor unions, elderly voters, youth advocates, Asians, and an effortless, self-deprecating charm, whit, humor, and common sense. He was articulate, charismatic and whip smart. Most of all he understood the significance of his victory and wasted no time in turning his star power to the advantage of his community. A career on the national political stage seemed to be his destiny before he was cut-down by assassin Dan White. Like all Legacy Project lesson plans, this document highlights four different learning tracks according to James Banks's multicultural education model and Bloom's Taxonomy. Tracks 1 - 4 are roughly structured to align with the cognitive retention and synthesis capabilities of students from early-to-mid Elementary School (Track 1); late Elementary-to-early Middle School (Track 2); late Middle School-to-early High School (Track 3); and early-to-late High School.

Suggested Study Subject Integration: LGBTQ History, American History

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