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Hatchet By Gary Paulsen A novel HyperDoc Template for Teachers, Parents and Students During Social Isolation

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity


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Hatchet By Gary Paulsen A novel HyperDoc Template created by Becky Hart. Gary Paulsen is an incredible writer.  

Things to consider before you begin the Novel.

1. When parents get divorced it has a negative impact on the children in the family.

2. Thirteen years old is too young  for a kid to own a hatchet. Hatchets are too dangerous and kids are too irresponsible.

3. Car crashes are scarier than airplane crashes.

4. Thirteen year old is definitely old enough to survive on your own without any parents or adult assistance.

5.Human beings underestimate the power of nature.

6.Severe hunger is worse than severe thirst.

7. Wild animals are the most dangerous thing to watch out for when you are in nature for a long time?

8.People would be more satisfied with life if all they focused on worrying about getting food, making shelter, and staying at one with nature around the.

9. Being left alone for the rest of your life is scarier than dying.



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