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High School Algebra Playlist: Solving Quadratic Equations

Subject MathAlgebra
Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan
Standards Alignment


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There are several ways to solve quadratic equations, a polynomial equation of degree 2. You can choose your method of solution depending on the form of the equation.
As you solve for x, you may encounter a situation in which you are taking the square root of a negative number. You
express the solution as a complex number.

In this module, you will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Choose a method for solving a quadratic equation
  • Write complex solutions when appropriate

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Math Mini-Module HSA.REI_.B.4.b_SE.pdf

Lesson Plan
February 13, 2020
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Solve quadratic equations by inspection (e.g., for ?² = 49), taking square roots, completing the square, the quadratic formula and factoring, as appropriate to the initial form of the equation. Recognize when the quadratic formula gives complex solutions and write them as ? ± ?? for real numbers ? and ?.


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