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Historical Bias: History Skills (Bias) with the Simpsons

Grade Level Grades 6-8
Resource Type Activity


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Fun lesson learning about historical bias that works well developing source analysis skills with history rookies!

Historical Bias Lesson Objectives

To use bias sources to suggest what really happened.

Historical Bias Learning Ladder

L5: Use observations to develop an account of what might have actually happened.

L4: Explain why their accounts differed.

L3: Describe what each character said about the incident.

For more history lessons like this one, visit the Social_Studies_Team partner page.


40 Reviews
Love the relation to the kids and the fun and interactive lesson!
Tanner Logsdon
August 21, 2021
This link is not active, can you repost
November 15, 2020
Thanks, thanks, thanks! Great! I think my 7-12 graders will like this. Yay!
Jennifer Graham
August 17, 2020
I have them uploaded to my
If you don't have VLC Media, then that might be the problem. It's free, but it might be just as easy to go to my youtube channel if you'd like them: Bart: Burns: Truth:
Jon Shay
August 17, 2020
Could the problem be that I am using a Chromebook? Probably don't have windows Media files.
Jennifer Graham
August 17, 2020

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