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The History of Thanksgiving

The History of Thanksgiving


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Grade Level Grades 6-12

About This Lesson

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? What does it mean to the United States? What do you know about the first Thanksgiving? What does Thanksgiving have to do with other holidays? What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? What can Thanksgiving tell us about being active citizens? Watch this video to learn about the history of Thanksgiving.

Enjoy learning about the history of Thanksgiving?

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Constitution Hall Pass: The History of Thanksgiving (Ep. 5)
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2 Reviews
November 07, 2018
The writer fails to mention the first German thanksgiving too, and the fact that the pilgrims left England because their church was not repressive enough so they left England; an example of their repression is shown when they would expel one of their own members for speaking her opinion. Great visuals to complement the story.
November 20, 2014
Good lesson for teaching students about the history of Thanksgiving. Includes videos, discussion questions prior to viewing video as well as after viewng discussion questions.
June 21, 2013