Holocaust Survivors - Their Story

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Holocaust Survivors - Their Story

This is one of many lessons that I have uploaded on the rise of Hitler and Germany under his rule. This lesson covers Holocaust survivors and their stories alongside the liberation of the camps.


February 2015
Very disturbing but penetrating details about life in the concentration camps. As an additional resource, teachers may want to have their classes listen to my song "6,000,000," or read its lyric sheet as a poem. A lesson plan for use of this song is also included. These materials are available under my name, Hank Fellows, on the "Share My Lesson" website.
June 2014
This is a very useful resource to show the horrors of the concentration camps and what the prisoners went through. This is important because it gives the students an idea of how hard it would be to physically and emotionally recover from the experience. This would be a great lesson to include either short stories or video clips of former survivors and how they recovered. This could be done after the students make their inferences. The radio broadcast is a VERY useful resource and it was moving...not going to lie it made me tear up! It will fully engage the students.