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Home Is Not a Country
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Home Is Not a Country


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About This Lesson

A mesmerizing novel-in-verse about family, identity, and finding yourself in the most unexpected places. Safia Elhillo. Nima doesn’t feel understood. Not by her mother, who grew up far away in a different land. Not by her suburban town, which makes her feel too much like an outsider to fit in and not enough like an outsider to feel like she belongs somewhere else. At least she has her childhood friend Haitham, with whom she can let her guard down and be herself. Until she doesn’t. As the ground is pulled out from under her, Nima must grapple with the phantom of a life not chosen, the name her parents didn’t give her at birth: Yasmeen. But that other name, that other girl, might just be more real than Nima knows. And more hungry. And the life Nima has, the one she keeps wishing were someone else’s . . . she might have to fight for it with a fierceness she never knew she had.

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Lesson Plan
February 7, 2022
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