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How do Roller Coasters Work?

How do Roller Coasters Work?


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Grade Level Grades 3-5
Standards Alignment
Next Generation Science Standards

About This Lesson

Students will discovery how roller coasters work using the 5E's Learning model. They will understand how kinetic and potential energy work in order for the roller coaster to move up and down the tracks without an engine.


Engage: The beginning of the video shows the movement of a roller coaster.

Explain: Interactive Roller Coaster-PBS Learning Media

Explore: Building a Marble Roller Coaster

Elaborate: Article, Built For Thrills, Scholastic SuperScience


STEM- Roller Coasters- How do they work? #stemlesson #stemproject
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Ask questions and predict outcomes about the changes in energy that occur when objects collide.
Use evidence to construct an explanation relating the speed of an object to the energy of that object.
Apply scientific ideas to design, test, and refine a device that converts energy from one form to another.


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