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How & why to make a Booksnaps using SeeSaw with template For Parents and Teachers during social isolation


How & why to make a Booksnaps using SeeSaw with template.

NEW! Added for those that need it is more detail and with written instruction to refer back to I have add a great new resource marked, NEW!! below.

Sorry about the briefness, but I want to get it out to a to save others from hours of searching to find alternatives for sharing and responding to self selected books.  This is a well done professional slide presentation for how to make a Booksnap, which are wonderful replacements for book reports. This one uses SeeSaw, which I can't praise enough. It is a free resource that is listed on the Share my lesson resources page. Please just try it our. I wish the entire whole could use it! It has an incredible library of lessons in both Spanish and English. The tools are amazing. Technology specialist gives the rational and shows the way that it can help you as a parent or teacher understand where their comprehension is breaking down. Please try SeeSaw even if you don't like the booksnaps.


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