I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

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This poem was written by Maya Angelou who was a survivor of the slave tradition.

She compares herself with the caged bird that Sings

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January 2018
Children friendly lesson plan. If we follow this plan it will help the children to perform well.
January 2018
Well planed and very useful resource.
January 2018
well done. very useful resource.
January 2018
Well explained .
January 2018
good well done
January 2018
Lesson plan is neat and complete and your attention to detail puts you at the top! Good job
January 2018
Good work....very clearly explained..
January 2018
Well planned and we'll executed..Good job
January 2018
well done.
January 2018
Well executed ! Good one.
January 2018
Practical and Useful to the teachers. Adding the video URL is a bonus.
January 2018
Very detailed lesson plan. It looks like, the introductory part may take more time.
January 2018
Lesson plan is well planed and interesting. Home work can be improved.
January 2018
It is a very useful resource. This plan will help us to get the students attention for a long time. well done.
December 2017
Very Good resource. Very practical and elaborate