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"I wanted to be exactly like him."

"I wanted to be exactly like him."


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About This Lesson

In December of 1965, Sgt. 1st Class Carl Torello was serving with the Special Forces in Vietnam when he was killed by a roadside bomb. His daughter, Sgt. Major Lisa Torello, was 5 years old at the time. Sgt. Major Lisa Torello remembers her father, Sgt. 1st Class Carl Torello, who was killed in Vietnam in 1965, with Tony Cistaro, who was with her father when he died.

Almost 50 years later, she connected with Tony Cistaro, the only survivor of the attack that killed her father. Their conversation was recorded in Washington DC just one day after they first met.

Originally aired May 22, 2015, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

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