Interactive Polygon Explorer

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Interactive Polygon Explorer

Free web-based resource from visnos to explore the properties of polygons. Use sliders to change the number of sides producing the regular polygons. Show different angles including interior and exterior. The vertices can be dragged for irregular shapes. A protractor can be displayed to demonstrate measuring angles. A ruler can be shown for measuring the sides. Colors and styles can be changed. This activity at its most basic can be used in lower grades for identifying shapes; area and perimeter problems.But advanced features make it useful for high school and beyond.

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December 2013
Used this polygon explorer to show interior and exterior angles of different polygons. At the end of the lesson, showed the students how to use javascript to create a concave polygon (star-shaped). They found that the sum of the interior and exterior angles were the same regardless if the polygon was concave or convex. They enjoyed the demonstration and they got to play with java a little bit. Here's the link to the explanation of the java code:
May 2013
Great tool to show shapes, angles, measurement and more. Useful for many grade levels.
April 2013