Internet - die neue Droge?

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Two exercises based on the text at the web address given. The text; other exercises and mp3/wam versions of the recording of the text can all be downloaded from the website. Although the text can be used as a reading exercise; the availability of a recording makes it equally suitable for listening. The speaking and writing tasks are also useful for developing skills in these areas.


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July 2016
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January 2016
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March 2012
This is comprehensive and current and challenging. Danke!
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February 2012
excellent resource - challenging yet accesible for my students
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February 2012
This resource is perfect for more able learners who are looking for a challenge and an interesting topic for their language learning experience. I love the way the source text has been exploited and the fact that it can be used for reading and/or listening. Great cartoon and graph. Many thanks for sharing yet another high quality resource.