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Introduction to Climate Change

Subject Science
Grade Level Grades 7-8
Resource Type Activity


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Students will work in collaborative teams.
Each team will work on different projects depending on assessment and differentiation:
(2 teams may have the same project with teacher approval)
-informational pamphlet
-a multimedia slide presentation
-a Public Service Announcement
-a creative informational video
-a podcast
-a website
-a mini lesson for our 2nd graders

Each project shall display their knowledge by learning Global Warming/Climate Change through the following topics:
-biodegradable vs non-biodegradable resources
-recycling processes
-own trash consumption research
-suggest solutions or actions needed to minimize the effects on the environment
Students on each team will keep each other in check via Do Now’s, exit tickets, and homework.
Each team will keep track of the tasks they have completed on Google Classroom and digital notebooks.
I will create pop quizzes and exit surveys on Google Classroom to check for understanding and assess progress.
I will randomly inquire with the teams for progress reports as well as by checking the digital notebooks,
Teams should work independently for most if not all of the time.


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