Introduction to the Holocaust

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Lesson starter ideas for teaching the Holocaust. To use various hook activities for students to begin the topic of the Holocaust. Includes video featuring archive footage; personal testimonies from survivors and other material. There are testimonies from


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July 2016
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January 2016
February 2015
Chilling short movies from Germany about survivors and those who were murdered. As an additional resource, teachers may want their classes to listen to my song "6,000,000," or read its lyric sheet as a poem. A lesson plan for the song is also included. These resources are available under my name, Hank Fellows, on the "Share My Lesson" website.
July 2012
Great home movies from the 1930's and personal stories told through intervies to spark discussion on the Holocaust
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February 2012
Just to clarify on ChezzaC's comment. This film is made up of 6 short films, not a single starter of 18 minutes. Each single film lasts only a few mintues. There are lesson plans below the film to link with each section.
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January 2012
A good starter that will provoke excellent discussions, however 18 minutes is very long for a starter.