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Introduction - Using Fiction to teach Human Rights
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Introduction - Using Fiction to teach Human Rights


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About This Lesson

Many children’s novels and even picture books possess great power to open up new worlds and inspire a capacity for empathy. Being able to empathise makes it easier to be kind, tolerant and willing to consider other points of view. It makes it harder to adopt prejudiced stances, helps to guard against aggression and conflict and may even encourage people to take positive action on behalf of others. It also helps young people to put their own problems in perspective. These are all values that lie at the heart of human rights – and we can find them in books for children.

2 Reviews
So sorry the link didn't work. Try this one: We've also updated the resource's link to the site. Thanks!
Susan Youssofi
September 12, 2019
The link to the website does not work and other link has no lesson.
February 08, 2014