ionic bonding speed dating

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ionic bonding speed dating

each student has a card. get students in pairs and facing each other. they take it in turns to ask question and the other student to answer it. After 1 min or so make one student move along to next student (works best if students sat in rows) they then each repeat process.

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July 2016
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January 2016
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June 2012
Brilliant, thanks!
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November 2011
Awesome. Students were really engaged. I did sessions of 1 minute each, which was about perfect. Lots of excitement, and checking of answers afterwards (ooh, sneaky revision they didn't notice...) to debate the marks they had been awarded by the other party. Thanks a million :)
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September 2011
This is a great resource, I put them on colored card around the lab and had the students walk round and try to answer them in pairs and check answers before moving on to the next question. Thanks for this.