Jon Burgerman - Scheme of Work

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A scheme of work based on British illustrator; artist and designer Jon Burgerman.


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July 2016
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January 2016
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March 2012
Great resource and really inspiring work that will build on the Keith Haring work we are just looking at in class. Thank you
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February 2010
Currently running a Murakami project and this ties in brilliantly thank you!
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February 2010
This is such a well structured and easy to read SOW. I am very impressed. Not only is it a fun subject which will keep the kids engaged, but also you have structured it in such a way that the students will really learn about the &quot;artistic process&quot; which is a hard concept to teach. Finally, the fact that you have even added the PLTS page at the end is fantastic. <br/>Thank you for sharing such a great resource.
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September 2009
Excellent, ta
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December 2008
An excellent SoW that can be adapted easily. I'm a big fan of Burgerman's work and think its great that others are as interested in such new and contemporary work. I would also recommend Burgerman's book whcih has a really good cd/dvd for additional resources. Thanks!