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Karmic Justice for a Bully: SEL Lesson using the Atacama Chile folktale: Two Brothers

A Folktale from Atacama Chile

Grade Level Grades 3-8
Resource Type Media


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What do we do when a bully is in our family? The indigenous story of the Two Brothers from the Atacama desert of Chile shows that dealing with bullies is nothing new for humans. In this strange, old story, greed and abuse is ultimately punished by the universe with the help of . . . well, we aren't sure who.

Video micro-lesson 7:15


Examine the perspective that all cultures through history have dealt with social power struggles that can end up in abuse or bullying.


1. Introduce or review the 4 Awesome Questions 

2. Listen to the story using the YouTube link:

3. Use the discussion questions following the story to generate authentic dialogue in class.

4. Following the discussion, complete the Google forms Assessment for the Two Brothers

Two Brothers Assessment:


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Two Brothers- An Atacama Folktale from Chile
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