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Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Understanding Our Bodies
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Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Understanding Our Bodies


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About This Lesson


Lesson 1: Different Kinds of Families

This lesson teaches students about different family structures/configurations as well as the importance of being respectful towards different kinds of families. 

Lesson 2: Understanding Our Bodies - The Basics (with PPT)

This lesson will allow students to identify body parts and why it’s important to understand the correct names for those parts 

Lesson 3: My Space, Your Space

This lesson educates students on what ‘personal space’ means and how to identify actions that are right from wrong. 

Supplemental Lesson: Start of the Week

The overall purpose of this activity is for students to be able to identify good qualities in others and allow them to feel good about themselves based on how other people see them. 

Supplemental Lesson: Paper People

The purpose of this supplemental lesson is to explain to students that every person is different and has their own unique qualities/characteristics which makes people special. 


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