Lab: Life Cycle of a Star


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Summary: In this lab, students will answer the question "How does the original mass of a star influence its lifespan?


  • Students will identify whether a star's original mass determines its' lifespan.
  • Students should be able to use the Earth Science Reference Table's "Characteristics of Star's" diagram to understand the life of stars.
  • It would be great if students can justify whether life could exist near stars like Rigel.


  • If signed into Gmail, use the lab link. Click "File" and "Make a Copy" to make it your own!
  • Lab is designed for a student-facing, self-paced class, but lesson plan includes approximate times
  • Pre-lab includes a link to a Youtube Video. This can be replaced with other stimulus, like this poster.
  • Question 9 in discussion references earlier lab work. Remove if necessary.
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