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Label the Solar System handout

Subject Science — Earth and Space Science
Grade Level Grades 6-8
Resource Type Handout


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Very simple handout I made including the sun and the 8 planets (roughly) to scale. Students can label and color in the planets and sun. Can be easily differentiated by either writing the names of the planets on the board; adding the first letter of the planet to the text boxes; leaving it as is; or just having the sun and asking students to draw the planets and label them.


5 Reviews
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SML Member
July 04, 2016
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SML Member
January 30, 2016
Really clear diagram - brilliant for reducing to A5 and boxes for tidy labelling. Can't fault it
SML Member
June 01, 2012
Great diagram of the solar system. I filled in the labels and then enlarged it to A2 and put it outside the classroom. One member of each group of 4 was sent out to study the diagram and then convey what was on the diagram to the rest of the group. A fun way to review the order of the planets.
SML Member
May 06, 2012
Just what I was looking for!
SML Member
May 24, 2011

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