Learning about Labels & Stereotypes - High School Lesson

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Objectives: Students will learn about the harmful effects of labels and attached stereotypes and will learn to see someone as a whole person. Students will also learn why it is important to abstain from labeling one another. Aligned to Common Core State Standards: SL.7.1 , SL.8.1

Grade Level: 7 – 12

Materials:  Index Cards, Markers, Tape, 2011 Creative Expression Contest 1 st place Winning Video (http://www.nonamecallingweek.org/cgi‐bin/iowa/all/news/record/227.html)

Preparation: Before conducting this activity, make up a series of labels for students using the index cards and the labels Bully, Geek, Nerd, Air‐Head and Emo (or other labels you see in your school). These are the labels students will explore during the activity.  

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February 2014
Excellent activity to make students aware of labeling and stereotyping.