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LEGO Education WeDo - Prosthetic Arm for Daniel
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LEGO Education WeDo - Prosthetic Arm for Daniel


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Grade Level Grades 3-5
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

The Engineering Design Challenege:

Build a prosthetic arm model using LEGOs that will:

  • Be able to pick up a spoon and carry it two feet with the device/invention
  • Be able to lift a spoon one foot using the device
  • Attach to a person's hand/arm without them holding on to the device


  • WeDo LEGO kits
  • Engineering Notebooks or Paper
  • Random Recycled Materials

Engineering Concepts:

Students will be challenged to discover the problems that engineers face when building prosthetics. They will then make a plan and design their prosthetic that meets these qualifications. Students will build their models and present to the class. Finally, they will analyze what they could do to improve their build. 

Activity Description:

Students will begin by watching a video about a child in Sudan who received a prosthetic arm after being a victim of war. They will then make a plan for their LEGO build in their Engineering notebooks.  After they have labeled the parts, they are allowed to start building. Students will present their builds to the class and discuss how they were able to incorporate all of the requirements. Daniel had to adjust to life without the use of his arms. Students will have to think of a way to help him using their engineering skill set.

They were able to engineer a prosthetic arm using a 3-D printer. Students will use LEGO and other recycled materials to build a prosthetic arm for Daniel.



Prosthetics Lesson Plan.docx

February 13, 2020
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