Lesson 1: Water Resources and Water Footprints (High School)

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This lesson gives students an in-depth understanding of key water issues. They learn about water resources and water footprints, then use the Water Footprint Calculator to analyze their direct and virtual water consumption. Students get a foundation of knowledge and learn why they should care about protecting water resources, which makes it easier for them to make a fundamental shift in attitude about their water use. Designed for high school – upper secondary level, ages 15 to 18 – the lessons can be easily adapted to the undergraduate level.

This free PDF file download includes the complete Lesson 1 with all supplementary materials. Included in this download:

Lesson Plan 1

  • Lesson Plan


Session 1: How Do We Use Water?

  • Water Resources and Water Footprints Presentation
  • Water Resources and Water Footprints Teacher’s Notes

Session 2: How Do I Use Water?

  • My Water Footprint Stats Student Worksheet
  • My Water Footprint Stats Sample Answers (For Teachers)
  • Basic Rubric
  • Participation Checklist

To download the other two free high school lesson plans and learn more about “Lessons for Understanding Our Water Footprint,” go to Watercalculator.org:

Lesson 2: My Water Footprint: https://www.watercalculator.org/resource/high-school-lessons/#mywaterfootprint

Lesson 3: The Value of a Water Footprint: https://www.watercalculator.org/resource/high-school-lessons/#waterfootprintvalue

Standards alignment with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS); Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA/Literacy and Mathematics; Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); and the Cloud Education for Sustainability (EFS) Standards & Performance Indicators.

Lesson Plan Resources

Lesson Plan
Project Based Learning
Teacher Instructions
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