Literacy Adventure and mystery

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Literacy Adventure and mystery

Specific link to Peter Pan and pirates literacy lesson plans. I have uploaded the flip charts for the IWB. The work hasn't just focused on narrative; we have done some non-fiction work too.


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July 2016
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January 2016
January 2014
Is there a medium term plan? This is brilliant thank you!!
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June 2012
Simply brilliant! Thank you!
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March 2012
This is a real life saver! Thank you for sharing these plans and slides. Do you have a medium term plan to cover the weekly plans? Thank you!
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February 2012
This has been a life saver for me. My year group colleague and I were struggling to find an accessible book/story for the children to use within this unit and Peter Pan and pirates is just great! Which version of the book was used within this planning?
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January 2012
This looks brilliant. You've saved me so much time- it's been one of those PPA days where you get nothing done! What IWB program do you use as i can't load up the file onto any of the boards in my school?