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Margaret Chung Lesson Plan
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Margaret Chung Lesson Plan


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Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan

About This Lesson

This age-appropriate lesson plan explores the life and World War II era legacy of Dr. Margaret “Mom” Chung. Chung – the first Chinese-American woman to become a doctor in the United States – was catapulted into nationwide fame for her work on behalf of soldiers serving during World War II. Considered America’s greatest civilian patriot, Chung became a posterchild for patriotic fervor that brought her to the attention of both the U.S. military’s top brass as well as Hollywood… so much so that, at one point during the height of the war, Chung was considered the most famous and beloved person in the United States. After it became known (following her death) that she had been lesbian, Chung was summarily scrubbed from U.S. History, leaving her virtually unknown today. Like all Legacy Project lesson plans, this document highlights four different learning tracks according to James Banks's multicultural education model and Bloom's Taxonomy. Tracks 1 - 4 are roughly structured to align with the cognitive retention and synthesis capabilities of students from early-to-mid Elementary School (Track 1); late Elementary-to-early Middle School (Track 2); late Middle School-to-early High School (Track 3); and early-to-late High School.

Suggested Study Subject Integration: Social Justice, Military History, World War II, LGBTQ History,
World History, Asian-American History



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Lesson Plan
February 13, 2020
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