Meet the Scientist: Judy Haner

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Meet the Scientist: Judy Haner

Judy is a marine scientist and The Nature Conservancy’s director of marine and freshwater programs in Alabama, linking freshwater rivers with the salty coast. She has spent 17 years working on the Gulf of Mexico and enjoys the challenges of big restoration projects, like the Florida Everglades and 100-miles of oyster reefs in Alabama. Growing up on a large dairy farm, she was always outside exploring the woods, but fell in love with the ocean on her first trip to the Virginia coast. Judy loves sharing her knowledge of the coast and its lesser known critters with others and, while the Gulf coast doesn’t get much snow, she has been known to make “mud angels” in the knee-deep mud of the Gulf of Mexico back bays. Judy lives in Mobile, AL with her husband and two dogs.

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