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Mod B - Solving a literal equation with one rational expression - Math Tutorials - mathtutor


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Subject Math
Grade Level Grades 9-12

About This Lesson In this video series I show you how to solve literal equations by using inverse operations. Literal equations are equations with two or more variables. We follow the same steps as solving any equation by isolating the variable. The difference with literal equations is that the solution is an algebraic expression rather than a numeric one. I show how to solve math problems online during live instruction in class. This is my way of providing free tutoring for the students in my class and for students anywhere in the world. Every video is a short clip that shows exaclty how to solve math problems step by step. The problems are done in real time and in front of a regular classroom. These videos are intended to help you learn how to solve math problems, review how to solve a math problems, study for a test, or finish your homework.I post all of my videos on youtube but if you are looking for other ways to interact with me and my videos you can follow me on the following pages: Blogger: www.mrbrianmclogan.blogspot.comTwitter: @mrbrianmcloganFacebook: mrbrianmclogan


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