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Montana Wheat & Barley — Lesson/activity on "The How and Who"

Grade Level Grades 4-6
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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Take your students behind-the-scenes of the exciting world of agriculture and raise awareness about wheat and barley farming with the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee.

Teacher's kit for grades 4-6 includes lesson plan/student activity that encourages students to:

  • Take a closer look at different aspects of wheat production
  • The impact of grain industry on the economy
  • The many jobs that help the wheat business thrive

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for

  • Complete kit
  • Educational standards alignment chart
  • Links to learn more about the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee

Made Possible By: Montana Wheat and Barley Committee



Montana Wheat and Barley_Teacher's Kit_Grades 4-6.pdf

Lesson Plan
March 7, 2023
2.8 MB
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