More About Standards

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More About Standards

This lesson walks through how to add standards to your lesson:

  1. Upload a new lesson or edit an existing lesson and then click Save.
  2. You should receive message saying your lesson has been updated and you can complete it by applying standards.  (If not, the categories selected may not have applicable standards – may only be for certain high school lessons). Click on the link.
  3. Click on Apply Standards button.
  4. The pre-selected list of tags for Grades and Topics are based on the categories selected when the lesson was created.
  5. Select the relevant standards you would like to apply to the lesson by clicking the “Add Standard” button for each desired standard.
  6. Once all desired standards are selected, click the Review and Save tab at the top of the list.
  7. Review the list of selected standards, and if satisfied, click Save Changes button.