Project-Based Learning Kits for Distance Learning: The Power of Story in a Changing World for Middle School

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Throughout history, storytelling has been a way to share, communicate, educate and connect. Telling stories is a way to develop stronger and deeper connections among people—something we are all missing right now. In "The Power of Story in a Changing World" project, you are being invited to tell a story of your own—something that will entertain and educate others while allowing you to show what you know!

This project, available in English and Spanish, can be customized to focus on mathematics, science, social studies or music. Reading, writing and/or speaking will play a strong role in this project regardless of the content focus. You can complete this project individually or in partners/small groups.

Enjoy this capstone project on the power of story?

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Read here how capstone projects can serve as a meaningful way for teachers to help students sum up their academic progress and bring closure to this school year.

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