Multiplication and Division of Exponents

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Multiplication and Division of Exponents

This lesson can be used by teacher grades 8-12. Multiplication and division of powers of the same base.

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October 2012
Good content. One concept students struggle with at times is the power of zero being equal to one. If we show why this is true, instead of just telling them that it is true, students get a better grasp of their algebra. Tell them to make a fraction of a variable to some power over itself like x to the third power over x to the third power (equal to one). By the rules of exponents you would subtract one of the exponents from the other to simplify the fraction leaving you with x to the zero power. When students can see the relationship between the original fraction and the variable to the zero power, they go from just receiving another fact to real application and understanding.
July 2012
Thanks for sharing this - hopefully it will help demystify this process for 8th-12th graders all over the US! We've recommended it on Twitter @sharemylesson and look forward to sharing your future uploads