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The Nervous system
5.0 (4 Reviews)

The Nervous system


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Subject ScienceBiology
Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan, Presentation

About This Lesson

This lesson plan is for higher secondary biology - 11th std. The lesson plan revolves around - Action and Resting potential, terms - polarized, depolarized and re-polarized. with respect to Neuron and transmission of nerve impulse along a non-myelinated neuron. I would really like reviews on this lesson plan as I am a student pursuing MA in education and would love to learn and improve through the suggestions that I could get from this platform. 

Looking forward for reviews and suggestions.




Lesson Plan
February 13, 2020
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PPT - assist teaching.pptx

February 10, 2020
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4 Reviews
Hi Madhuri, I think you have planned your lecture well. It is great that you have included videos to explain Na+/k+ pump, I think it will be very helpful for kids. I only have one suggestion regarding the lesson, I think you should give more introduction about action potential rather than just defining it ( for example, you could state some facts about it, as for why it happens and how it is an all or none phenomenon). Everything else looks great to me. Good luck with your lecture!
Archana Golla
January 02, 2018
Shikhar Senin
January 01, 2018
Shahin Ahmed
January 01, 2018
Hi Madhuri, I really think you created an impactful and easy-to-follow lesson plan. I really like how you present this very theoretical topic with nice infographics to underline the discussed theory. If the lesson is executed in that way, I think the students will take quite some knowledge out of it, since I was able to fully understand the topic, even though I never learnt about it in school.
Benedikt Schiestl
December 30, 2017
Hi Madhuri Your lesson plan is perfect. You may introduce a warm-up activity at the beginning of the lesson so that the students become familiar with the topic and a few simple questions so that you can check on the pre-existing knowledge of the students. Hope this helps. :)
Ajayendra Rudraraju
December 24, 2017