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Net Zero Podcast #4: Youth Monitor the Green Transition

Net Zero Podcast #4: Youth Monitor the Green Transition


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About This Lesson

Join Climate Hosts Ved Sanyal, Mphathesithe Mkhize, Barry Nyuydze Berry, and Philo Magdalene from Planet Classroom and the Protect Our Planet Movement in Net Zero Podcast #4: Youth Monitor the Green Transition. Each activist shares valuable insights from conversations with some of the world's leading global experts on Climate Change, including Kim Holmen, Thomas Minda, Tshilidzi Marwala, and Omnia El Omrani.

The activists discuss, among other things, human-induced climate change and biogeochemical cycles, and their impact on Norway; South Africa's progress in the race to find solutions for fossil fuels; Ethiopia's solutions for dealing with the climate impact on agriculture; and Egypt's role in youth activism to address Net Zero challenges.

Tune in as our youth activists distill profound insights from these experts, contributing to the vital conversation on sustainability. 

Produced by Kristen Gallinaro.


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