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Net Zero Speaks with Carlos Eduardo Marques on Sustainability in Brazil


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About This Lesson

In Net Zero Speaks with Carlos Eduardo Marques, Climate Activist Alejandra Fragoso introduces Carlos Eduardo Marques, a pivotal sustainability leader shaping Brazil's net zero drive. 

Marques, the Founder of Ambiafro propels climate action by engaging investors, crafting government taxonomies, and urging CEOs to prioritize climate agendas. 

He spotlights Brazilian companies' strides toward net zero, highlighting impactful sustainable solutions for the low-carbon shift. As Ambiafro's founder, Marques passionately champions inclusive sustainability, empowering marginalized voices for a greener future.

This film is curated by the Protect Our Planet Movement and Planet Classroom for the Planet Classroom Network.


Net Zero Speaks with Carlos Eduardo Marques
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