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NET ZERO Speaks With Justin Jeong on South Korea’s 2050 Carbon Neutrality Goal

Subject Science
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What progress has been made towards South Korea’s 2050 carbon neutrality goal?

In Net Zero Speaks with Justin Jeong, Climate activist Cherry Sung interviews Greenpeace’s Climate and Energy Campaigner Justin Jeong. Jeong has been leading a climate suffrage project for Greenpeace in Seoul since 2019 to urge the South Korean government and the National Assembly to come up with climate policies and ensure the South Korean government responds rapidly to the climate crisis. President Moon Jae-in presented a big vision and pledged to spend significantly on the Green New Deal. What are the major challenges faced and what positive outcomes to date is Jeong most hopeful about?  

This film is curated for the Planet Classroom Network by Protect Our Planet and Planet Classroom


Net Zero Speaks with Justin Jeong
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