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Project Evaluation: The project rubric will play a significant role in evaluation of the project. Stated in the rubric are the different things that the students need to achieve by the end of the project. Subsequently, this will provide a critical analysis showing what was achieved and what was not. Reflection will include the student’s opinions to make them have a sense of ownership for the project. Reflection In this project, the main aim is to help the students learn about their country and how immigration affects their richness and culture among other aspects. Immigration is an act that happens every now and then in the real life. The students need to understand how it happens, what are the various causes, and how the immigrants feel especially being in a foreign land. Additionally, the project is meant to enhance certain aspects of the students such as critical thinking, communication, and cooperation. Through critical thinking, the students will manage to gather information analyze it and transcend to a logical conclusion. Communication is an essential aspect they will learn through the interview they are expected to conduct as well as they communicate with each other considering this is also a group work. Lastly, they will learn how to cooperate with each other as a group in addition to cooperating with their teachers and the school at large.

Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning
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