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New Year Activity: Google Zeitgeist "Year in Search" Videos

Grade Level Grades 6-12


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Help students reflect on the biggest stories of the year with Google's "Year in Search" videos. A great way to look at the outgoing year (in about two minutes) in order to spark lively conversations about the past and new year to come. Guaranteed to engage!

Make it into a simple activity:

1. Ask students to write down or in groups discuss which events (political, social, global, local, etc.) do they think were the most important of 2016.

2. Watch video and then compare what students had vs. what they saw. *Remind students the events shown were based on what people searched most for on Google.

3. Have students make predictions for the new year for the United States, the world and for themselves and write them down.  

4. Place student answers in a sealed envelope and return on the last day of school.


Google — Year in Search 2016
Remote video URL
Google — Year in Search 2015
Remote video URL
Google — Year in Search 2014
Remote video URL
Google Year in Search | Here's to 2013
Remote video URL
Year in Search 2012: Year In Review
Remote video URL


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