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No Cap (You Create Your Own Reality) SEL - Mr. O (Audio)


*This is an excellent audio regarding life lessons featuring video clips as an accommodation to assist with overall viewer focus.

When you visualize your vision and use your will power and determination, you can make it! You can be successful! There will be potholes and obstacles, but with grace, style and professionalism as well as patience and poise, you can move through them. I was once a teenager as well as a college student and many people didn't tell me and my friends things that we needed to know for us to be successful. Listen to these jewels of wisdom and they will help you on your way to victory in life!*This audio book was made for urban and African American/Indigenous youth in particular, but everyone should be able to benefit from these words of inspiration and wisdom.

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*****Ideal for Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month Lessons! #motivationalvideo#motivational#inspirational#lifelessons#lifeskills


No Cap | Life Lessons For Young People | Motivation |Life Lessons
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