Norman Influence-The "Harrying of the North"

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Norman Influence-The "Harrying of the North"

Work to be done over 2 lessons considering the after effects of Norman invasion.Lesson1:Starter - consider consequences of invasion - immediate and gradual. Main - students consider how Saxons would feel about changes and discuss language that could be used to create a biased account.Read Harrying of North and complete basic facts handout followed by plan a newspaper account from either a Saxon or Norman viewpoint.Lesson 2:Starter - paired task problems and solutions.Main complete biased account.


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July 2016
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January 2016
May 2014
This resource offers a variety of activities to engage students after the Invasion of Norman. Appears to be a large amount of activities and content to cover in 2 lessons.
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January 2012
Looks good to me - will let you know how the lesson goes and if I make any changes!