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Oh The Places You will go college search Hyperdoc template


This was my daughters senior quote! My family adored his books most especially my daughter with ASD and my Mom that would read them anywhere. They fairly and calmly negotiated that they would not be any Doctor S. before the 1st cup of coffee. Miss you both deeply. Both my parents felt strongly that conversations about the places and things you might like to see and do started at preverbal conversations. My youngest daughter first answer to where are you going was Boston at 18 months old. Oh Boy! did she do and see Boston! The journey was zigzag ala Dr. S. favorite path. Please support and plan and grow with all of our children. The lesson was originally made by Laurie Anastasio in a word doc so I just had to jazz it up and get it up on slides. I will attach more resources soon. Please be sure that you especially start early and powerfully with students with learning needs. They can and do go places but they like our kids need help. Often in working late afterschool and on weeks with my transitioning students, other students asked to come afterschool and weekends. Soon word got out and it was at least a nice between 6-12 students working together and with me. It was great to see my guys help the general education peers dialogue like I had with them. My students were amazed that they were the other students had so little connection to actually getting into a college or specialized vocation program.  Please start early, often and really plan to roll up your sleeves and 1-1 support. These days college is a crazy maze of forms and websites that can get our guys lost and no wheresville.



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