Olympic themed activity handouts

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Olympic Activity. HISTORY: Find the prizes that athletes won in the Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics. ART: Create Olympic Medals. HISTORY: Match Ancient Olympic sports.A set of 3 Olympic themed activity Handouts. Terms include ancient Greek games

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July 2016
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January 2016
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July 2012
I think this will be especially useful for older children because at least 2 of the worksheets do require that a child is able to read. The activity with designing medals is a good one that you could use with younger children. I like the idea of having children design medals - you could even have them design medals for each other "you are the best ___" and each child has to do 2 other children. Nice templates that you can use to discuss what things are. I had to look up a "hoplite race" as I had no idea what it was.
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May 2012
Many thanks
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January 2012
Great worksheets to use in preparation for the Olympics.